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Why are Parks & Recreation facilities, programs and services so important to the community?

Few issues facing our society today are more urgent than the need to create a healthier, more sustainable society for the current population and for future generations. As a society, we are working to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods through initiatives that are designed to protect our health and wellness, clean air, restore land and save energy.

“For many Incline Village residents, the word recreation is interchangeable with quality of life.” This explanation is supported by the prominent recreational composition of our community including two golf courses, three beaches, a ski/snowboard resort, recreation center, tennis center, plus numerous ball fields, parks, trails and paths all within a 5 mile radius. Recreation is not only important to our quality of life, but it is the major contributing factor to sustaining all aspects of that quality including: health, relaxation, jobs, real estate value, the environment and peace of mind.

Why is the Incline-Tahoe Foundation’s mission to renovate and preserve community parks and recreation facilities?

Is that not the job of IVGID?

For five decades, the District has owned and operated recreation venues, facilities, fields and parks that have met the numerous needs of our area’s residents and visitors. These venues have seen many productive years of use, but are now utilized beyond capacity and simple repair, making major renovations and expansions a necessity. IVGID’s purpose was and is to create the infrastructure for our unique alpine community, while maximizing the use of its natural amenities and respecting the surroundings. Given the state of the economy however, the current tax base may not be enough to guarantee the residents and visitors their expected future.

Although tax dollars operate our current facilities, sole dependence on this funding stream could limit our ability to continue our historical pattern of striving for best practices and realizing the full potential of the area. To fill the gap between tax revenue and the anticipated needs of our growing community, the Incline-Tahoe Foundation board members and volunteers have joined together to work alongside our government to develop an alternative funding method. It is our belief that it is necessary to invest in our future, a future that lies in improving our facilities, parks and programs, while sustaining property value, creating jobs, promoting good health and easing demands on the environment. The community that we leave for future generations depends on the choices we make today.

What is the Incline-Tahoe Foundation’s Privacy Policy?

The Incline-Tahoe Foundation recognizes that your privacy and the protection of your personal identity information are important. At this time the Incline-Tahoe Foundation does not collect personal information through the website. Donations are made by telephone, mail and in person. All credit card transactions are completed at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation; credit card information is then destroyed.

What are the priority projects of the Incline-Tahoe Foundation?

Completed Projects: Disc Golf Course
Current Projects: Bob Wheeler Memorial, Fit Trail, Tennis Center, Pump Track, Friends of Incline Trails (FIT)
Future Projects: Expansion/Renovation of Recreation CenterRec Center, IV/CB Veterans/First Responders Memorial

What is the relationship between the Incline-Tahoe Foundation and the Incline Village General Improvement District?

The Foundation was created and operates primarily in support of IVGID and its CSG’s vision, mission and goals and its work will be compatible with these interests and goals. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to secure, manage and invest privately raised funds solely for the benefit of the IVGID’s Recreation Center and other recreation facilities, parks, services, programs and other efforts as mutually agreed upon.

The Foundation will operate as a private legal entity separate from IVGID. The Foundation will use sound fiscal and accounting procedures. The Foundation will not be involved or interfere with day to day CSG operations; and will obtain and maintain status as a tax-exempt, charitable organization under state and federal income tax laws to ensure that gifts and bequests received may qualify as deductible, charitable contributions for the donor, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

The ITF and IVGID created a Memorandum of Understanding accepted by the IVGID Board of Trustees in September 2009.

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